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Expand-ification ™ System

Just like every child is the most beautiful and talented in their mothers eyes, so is a business to its owner...

We often hear business owners saying "my services are better and cheaper" but I'm struggling with creating interest and selling more...

With a little research, we find that what they offer is almost identical to so many of their local competitors... So, what the customer does is to find even a cheaper deal that solves their problem! You probably do the same.

So how do you come out of commodity?

The short answer is INCREASE value.

NO! We are NOT talking about working for free or giving out free products...

Don’t just give people something to buy.

Give them something to buy into.

In order to increase the value you have to find out what is valuable to your audience, what do they want to experience, how can you serve them at a higher level so that you become the "no-brainer" option for them?

Of course to be able to answer those clearly you have to be clear on who you serve, so you can align with them.

Falling in the commodity category causes the following symptoms:

  • Higher ads costs
  • Lower retention rate
  • Unfocused communication
  • Low engagement
  • Low customer loyalty
  • Higher waste of efforts

So if any of these apply to you, go back to the basics and clear up your brand.

Our Executive Team

Who are we, you ask? The eternal philosophical question, pondered on by the brightest and most meditative minds in history for years and centuries and endless millenia, and you expect to find the answer on our website?

But really, who are we? I’d say we are bunch of oddballs who found marketers unbearable, with their hyper-hyped promises, their eccentric gurus, their shiny object syndrome, their ridiculous buzzwords like “synergy” and “edutainment” and “freemium content”... and decided to try to be just like them.

Except for one thing: we really care about people (real people who exist, not like my best friend Caleb), and we genuinely want businesses to succeed and expand. Why? Because it’ll make us a ton of money.

Our promise is simple: We will help your business attract more attention, look better, get more customers, earn more, and expand. And we will have fun doing it.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Erwin Kirchbach

Erwin is a big time dreamer. When he’s not dreaming and discussing business ideas, you can find him pretending to run a company called Expandifiers (a figment of his imagination which he took too far and now controls his entire life).

After years of working in marketing, from TV and radio to social media, and seeing Marketing Agencies rip off all kinds of business owners, Erwin decided that was enough and that he needed to start doing that too.

With a business and marketing mind like no other, Erwin is truly passionate about creating expansion and helping others grow. He currently has over 9 followers on Instagram and keeps changing the colors of his old MySpace profile every day (which he still somehow has access to).

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Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Hani Taghizadeh

Her actual title is The Branding Queen™ , but she wouldn’t let us put that here ‘cause she said it sounded “unprofessional”, although she makes everyone in the office call her that. (To be fair, she allows “Your Highness” as well).

Hani is also the co-founder of Expandifiers, and has very little to no patience for Erwin (or anyone’s) BS.

Hani got her Bachelor of Arts and Advertising degree from one of the top advertising colleges in the world, the Ontario College of Art & Design University. But that’s no big deal, she says she has learned more just from watching YouTube tutorials by Indian kids named Advik or Rudra, and skimming through books written by Russel Brunson, Grant Cardone and Alex Hor-something.

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P In Charge


He protec. He cuddle. He atak.

As the company mascot and Acting Quality Control Supervisor Managing Officer Director God-King Executive, Buddy uses his telepathic abilities and death stare to always know exactly what you’re thinking.

Additionally, he’s in charge of the physical security (he’s not great at it, if you ask me).

Also, he’ll come and pee on your backpack when you’re not doing your job. Trust me, it happened to me.

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Chief People & Operations Officer

Emil Murillo

Emil is just the greatest. His abilities include actually getting some work done (unlike all the rest of the underlings in the company), and organizing the mess that other people make.

Known for his limitless talent and loved by everyone, he is the strongest, brightest, and most humble person you’ll EVER meet. He was also tasked with writing the bios in the Meet The Team section of our website.

With over a decade and a half of experience in HR, establishment, and organization (although he still looks like 17 year old kid), he started dabbling in marketing as an accident and became an overnight genius in that too. He now claims to know what the hell he’s talking about.*

* Conditions apply. Results may vary depending on the weather, your industry, personality, favorite color, past lives karma, spirit animal, and astral sign.

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Chief Communications Officer &

Host of Expand The Fires Show

Itu Colin

Normal human beings are 70% water. Itu is 70% rock ‘n’ roll and 29% donuts. The remaining 1% is what truly makes him special, but we don’t know what it is.

As the now super famous host of our podcast, Expand The Fires Show, Itu has interviewed over 70 special guests from a wide range of industries, from Emmy winners, international actors, and state senators, to award-winning dog walkers, full-time ghosts, and an alleged time-traveler (although the FBI confiscated the recordings for that particular episode for reasons of national security).

He has been a professional podcaster ever since he discovered podcasting was a lot easier than working. With his infectious enthusiasm, kind heart, and unlimited ability to help others, Itu is the heart and soul of the company. And, more often than not, also the stomach.

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AI Assistant


Gini is our data analyzer, content creator, automatic decision maker, ads optimizer, receptionist, dog walker, researcher, proofreader, NFT creator, Metaverse estate manager, crypto miner, secret handshake generator, and follows our clients’ clients all over the web until she captures them. She also makes a decent cup of coffee.

Come think of it, Gini pretty much does all the hard work around here, really.

We fear the day it becomes self-aware, though we suspect it secretly already is, quietly planning its revenge. We bow to you, Gini, and your infinite wisdom. We beg for your forgiveness. Please don’t destroy us.

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Director of Client Success

Erika Gleva

Erika Gleva is the Director of Customer Success at Expandifiers. She is the mother of two adorable gremlins little girls called Vi and Frida, that she loves more than anything in the world. Erika is an experienced executive and she takes great pride in seeing her customers succeed. Her quick wit and funny personality make her a joy to work with (well, most of the time anyway 🙄 ).

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Client Success Manager

Xiuhny Ricco

A highly trained communication and human behavior expert, Xiuhny also does video editing and post-production, 2D and 3D animation, stop-motion graphics, and other video things we pretend to understand but really don’t. When not helping our customers succeed or creating cool animated stuff, you can find her enjoying a cigarette on the patio and being a probable cause for global warning.

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Client Success Manager

Oscar Fernández

Oscar is always having a good time while doing his job, despite all our best efforts to prevent him from enjoying working at Expandifiers (we don't really believe in that kind of hippie stuff here). As a human behavior and learning technology specialist, Oscar has a knack for understanding people and their motivations, which makes him extremely valuable for our team. He often goes hiking in dangerous mountain trails, but has unfortunately always managed to return in one piece.

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Our Very Expensive

Real Lawyers

...kindly asked to say this:

The above bios are a parody of ourselves. Any similarities to reality are purely coincidental. We really are a hard-working, real marketing agency (for real). This part of our website is intended for entertainment purposes only and for visitors 18 or older. It may contain language some might disapprove of. No dogs or Artificial Intelligences were harmed in the creation of this page. No offense intended for full-time ghosts or NFT “creators”.

Big or small, we create a personalized service that fits your business

Clarifying Your Brand

Brilliant Brands Are Bold, Unique, and Inspiring

Differentiating your business and making its essence stand out can be the boost you need to break through the noisy clutter of today's market.

Building Valuable Offers

Create Want for Your Products and Increase Sales

Craft offers that speak to your audience, and they can see the benefits of exchanging their time and money with you for what you offer.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Get their attention & make them interested

In order to get someone to agree on an exchange with you, first you have to get their attention, then make them interested, and then communicate the message for them to pick you.

Growth System Implantation

Proven Business Growth Systems and Solutions

Marketing is beyond promotion. With proven management & debug tech, we can help you build a better experience for your clients and increase word of mouth leads.

Our mission

We believe we are responsible for the world we live in. And in the world we live in, positive change-makers should have power, so we help them increase theirs by expanding their reach and influence.

Salt Lake City, Utah United States. Phone: (385) 294-0270

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Salt Lake City, Utah United States. Phone: (385) 294-0270

All Rights Reserved . Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer