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New Patient Marketing That Works*

Pay Only for patients that SHOW

*It's like launching your practice into space using a slingshot, just 100% safe. We promise!

Ethical & Effective Chiro Marketing Strategies, Decoded!

What is being called:


Chiropractic expansion System”

An open letter to busy D.C.s and integrated clinic owners

Hey doc,

You've been let down before. I get it.

Too many marketing companies out there promising you the world and more.

The newest and hottest and greatest marketing strategy or shiny object that will "fill your schedule TODAY and MAKE YOU RICH!"

Except they never come through.

Or they require you to drum people up for reviews, record videos all day, beg for testimonials, send out a ton of e-mails no-one ever opens, or blog your brains out...

Only to end up with an empty calendar and... crickets 🦗🦗🦗.

Or worse: All they do is give you a shopping list of "leads" made up of people that never answer the phone (if they even exist) and only waste your or your personnel's time in calls and fruitless follow-up.

Well, NO MORE!

After working with chiropractors from all over the country, we have perfected a simple, direct, and unparalleled system that drives consistent new qualified patients into your doors each and every single month to predictably grow your practice.

How many patients, you ask?

Well, how many do YOU want? Or rather, how many CAN YOU take?

Too many offices waste money month after month on advertising with little to no return, or get into unnecessarily complicated (and EXPENSIVE) models that leave their practice in shambles, wasting time and simply not letting them BE THE DOCTOR.

This tried and tested method will not empty your bank account or require you to make risky investments. Our work is guaranteed because you only pay for what you get, month to month, and not a cent more.

our offer and promise

👋🏻 We'll bring you new patients.

✅ Our team will run your ads FOR FREE.

❌ There are NO recurring fees.

✅ 100% of your money goes to ad spend.

✅ A dedicated Patients Manager from our team will work your leads for you and book them.

✅ Pay us only for people who walk in your door, and not a cent more.

Built by

marketers and doctors for Doctors tired of marketers 😁

What makes us different is that we understand the true fundamentals of successful marketing, and that it doesn't end when you launch a Facebook ad and a Google Sheet to "collect leads".

We know that true marketing is the activity of creating want for products and services which can be supplied, and it doesn't end until YOU acquire an exchange. This means we take care of everything and do all the heavy lifting (except for the actual treatment, of course) up to the point where YOU GET PAID.

Also, we genuinely care for you, your patients, and your business. We care so much that we refuse to get paid unless you get results.

Our system is extremely simple but effective, takes out the guesswork, plugs the holes, and gets you educated people who are willing to pay for your promised results, easily for you.

Leave it to the ones who have it figured out

So you can Just...

Be the Doctor

Not Multichannel

Right channel

Instead of trying to put your ads all over the place including where you get no or little ROI, we find and use the best performing placements specifically for your practice and area, so you get the most bang for your buck. We can do Facebook, Google, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and their affiliated network of news sites (such as Forbes).




We create a custom-made chatbot to answer all inquiries into your social media and ads. We then pair this with a live agent to add the human and personal touch. This results in higher engagement and conversion rates because people who become interested actually end up making appointments and becoming patients, as there is zero waiting time from the second they first engage with you to when they get a response and start a conversation.



LIVE Agents

Our commission-based English & Spanish-speaking agents will qualify & schedule 70-90% of your leads into appointments and actual new patients. They're highly trained on communication, good control, and the best scheduling and conversion processes to motivate, qualify, and drive these patients through your doors.

High Converting



By getting your leads to engage with you and do micro-commitments in our educational content, not only do they end up more willing to trust you and interested in handling their condition, but they also educated themselves in chiropractic care. The result? Increased rates of conversion so you get more full care plan closes and recurring patients that have been nurtured beforehand.

Absolutely Risk Free *Guaranteed*

It's like a magical genie granting wishes to your clinic, but better

Doc, I know it sounds too good to be true, but I can assure you this is for real. And no, we don't have a loose screw. And yes, we can prove it.

Once you begin the service with us we work to crack the formula of unique to your location, offer, and needs. When we have that, we can streamline the process to bring you better quality patients with less ad budget, and you can continue for as long as you are winning.

In order for us to do this, you do have to qualify, and we limit availability to only one office per geographical area. Sign up now to see if your area is still available.

Ready for results like THESE?

Hear it from those who have experienced Expandifiers™

Dr. Trevor Minton


Dr. Daniel Katrikh


You're probably asking:

How much will this cost?

We charge a fair fee. It's actually probably waaaaay less expensive than what you're thinking.

Then we'll bump it back up to full price, which could happen every day now.

So if I were you, I'd book now instead of waiting around.

You can see our package in our pricing page.

Where do you get them?

Ads in different places, like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok. But not from all of them at the same time, 'cause some might not be good for you.

Instead of trying to be everywhere, we efficiently test and put you on the best two platforms that will get you the most and best results for the least investment.

Ads don't work.

Wrong. When you do them like we do, they work. We are already absolutely killing it for our existing clients. That is a fact. We won't make you loose your time.

And then what?

After an interested person (someone who needs your help and is in your geographical area) clicks on an ad and engages, they immediately get messages from our automated assistant (custom-made for your clinic), and takes them by the hand until they book an appointment. There's no waiting time to get a response, or a "we'll call you later".

And if at any time there's anything your bot can't resolve, your dedicated bilingual scheduling agent (i.e. an actual person) jumps in the conversation.

He books them, confirms the appointment with you or your staff, and follows up personally until they arrive at your office. If they don't, you don't pay.

How fast will I see results?

The set-up can take one or two weeks max.

As soon as you plug in your new done-for-you new patient machine, you’ll start getting action.

Inquiries on the first or second day, appointments on the second or third, and patient arrivals within the first week or so.

But all of this could happen on day ONE of you going live. That’s the beauty of this system

Now, don’t get me wrong: this is not some sketchy get-rich-quick scheme.

Just world-class marketing, plus a proven, unparalleled system, that actually fulfills the complete meaning of marketing:

Not just "advertising" but everything from creating want in an audience up to the point where they show up in your clinic, get serviced and pay. We take responsibility and genuinely care for all of that. That's a new perspective, isn't it?

What if I have other questions?

You are welcome to contact us at – We’ll be happy to respond to you. Or you can book a call with us by clicking the buttons in this page.

Why should I hire you?

We genuinely care for you, your business and your patients. We take pride in giving unsurpassed service to our clients and friends, excellent communication, and overall, RESULTS.

We are kind of obsessed with results, to be honest. And with making sure you get your investment back many times over.

Why? First, because we feel great when we do that. And second, because we know it's the only way we'll keep your business and dominate the market, as we intend to do.

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