Easily find out what is your competition doing to reach out to potential clients!!! 😎🤩

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Three-Step, DYI Free Hack, you can do right now!!!!

It's always a good idea to look at what other companies are doing, locally and nationwide, in order to learn from the best and the ones that are not doing so great, and apply what your find to boost the effectiveness of your own marketing.


  • Where YOUR Business is on its growth journey

  • What YOU need to be focusing on RIGHT NOW to get the next level growth you want

  • Which tools, tips and strategies will move the needle and get you there

But... instead of letting you figure it all out on your own, here is your Expandifier-friendly buddy ready to save you some time (oh so much time)

Ready for this? buckle up and get ready to go!!!!

Here is the hack that our in-house pros, and yours truly, use as part of building the marketing campaigns for our clients (explained in normal English, non of that techy mumble-jumble those arrogant experts use 😝).

Step 1️⃣: Go on Google and search for the exact service or product that you offer. The first 5 to 10 answers are your main competitors, starting with those that are using Google Ads ('cause they are actually investing money to reach more clients).

Step 2️⃣: Get on their social media channels. Look at the type of content they publish on Facebook and Instagram. Look at the review comments they have on Google, go through them all, the good, the bad, and the ugly too, hahaha.

Take note of what you find that can help you improve your own marketing and service.

Don't be afraid of using the good stuff that they use, there is nothing wrong with basing your work on what is being successful for others.

Follow them to get notifications of their new content, this is a constant source of inspiration you should be using.

Step 3️⃣: Go into their website and get subscribed for their blog, their news feeds, and their promotional offers and see how they create these, how often they send them, and how they are written; check out the way they craft their text and how much it actually compels you to buy their service or find out more about their business, etc.

Step 4️⃣: Wanna go one step further to find out what is your competition's main social media resources? Get Google Analytics and find out a ton of data about what they are doing right, in order to implement this in your own marketing.

This will give you an advantage over how other companies determine what is successful or not, so... you are welcome.

Use this hack wisely and feel free to make a donation to my personal bank account. Ha ha ha, just kidding (but not really 😉)

➔ Liked this free hack? Wait for the next ones and continue using each to grow your marketing impact.

See you in the next free tip/hack article.

Have a great time and tons of future expansion applying this to your company or business.

Wishing you the best,

Itu, your Expandifier—funny-buddy.

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